Dragontree Treatments

Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine & Nutrition

Chinese Medicine has endured and evolved for thousands of years because of its elegant potency as a complete system of healing. Its aim is to optimize the health of the body, mind, and spirit by addressing the deepest causes of whatever disturbs our balance.

In the art of acupuncture, extremely fine needles are inserted at key points to build and unblock energy, alleviate pain, and shift consciousness. This is often combined with a customized Chinese herbal formula, which can be as effective as modern drugs but without the side effects. (Prices below do not include the cost of any herbs or supplements that may be recommended.)

First acupuncture treatment with initial intake, including herbal/nutritional consult, if applicable (about 90 minutes). $125
Regular follow up acupuncture visit, including herbal/nutritional consult, if applicable (about an hour). $90`

Some of the many conditions we treat with acupuncture and herbal medicine:

  • Emotional – depression, anxiety, stress, addiction
  • Pain – muscular, joint, headaches, nerve pain, injuries
  • Respiratory – allergies, asthma, sinusitis, cold/flu
  • Digestive – irritable bowel, reflux, diarrhea, constipation, Crohn’s, colitis, ulcers
  • Cardiovascular disease, hypertension
  • Women’s health – infertility, PMS, menstrual & menopausal issues, insufficient lactation, fibroids
  • Neurological – stroke, Bell’s palsy, dizziness
  • Degenerative & autoimmune disorders, MS, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, fatigue, insomnia

Herbal and Nutritional Consultations

Herbal and/or nutritional consult only (no acupuncture)
Chinese Medicine features the world’s the most sophisticated system for utilizing herbs. Every plant is a complex pharmacy with innate intelligence, and herbs can be used to treat virtually any physical or mental disorder, with the emphasis on supporting your overall vitality. (Prices below do not include the cost of any herbs that may be prescribed.)

Initial visit (60 minutes) – $90
Follow up visit (about 45 minutes) – $60

Cleanses, Weight Loss & Smoking Cessation Packages

Stop Smoking Package
Over a three week period, you’ll receive six acupuncture treatments in our Sangha room using a special protocol for reducing cravings and the symptoms of withdrawal. While receiving acupuncture, you’ll enjoy calming and detoxifying foot baths. These treatments are supported by internal herbs to rehabilitate your lungs, calm nervousness, and curb cravings. $400

Optimal Weight Package
Achieve your optimal weight with acupuncture, lifestyle modification, sauna, and a safe, customized natural supplement program. Includes an initial assessment followed by two 45-minute acupuncture treatments a week to reduce cravings, modulate the appetite, and stimulate metabolism (nine treatments total each month); two sauna visits weekly to encourage circulation and detoxification; and regular assessment and maintenance of your diet, exercise regimen, and supplements. Expect to follow a modified diet, do regular exercise, and take powdered Chinese herbs. We recommend a course of two or three months for optimal, sustained results. $590 per month

Seasonal Cleanse or Restoration Packages
Our acupuncturist and herbalist will customize a treatment plan lasting for five days up to four weeks to address your specific health needs. Please contact us for more information.



Ayurveda (“Ire-veh-dah”), an ancient healing science from India, is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It aims to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda focuses not only on the treatment and prevention of illness, but on the removal of blockages to experiencing a more vibrant, peaceful, and happy life. Some of its therapeutic approaches include diet, herbs, yoga, breathing, sweating, and massage.

Bliss Therapies

In the transcendent state of bliss, deep transformation and healing can occur.

These Ayurvedic therapies are heavenly as one-time treatments, though they are traditionally given multiple times in a course, and we believe their benefits are greatly enhanced when received in a series.

Raw silk gloves are used to perform a dry skin brushing with light, vigorous strokes. Garshana exfoliates dead skin, enhances circulation of blood and lymph, and promotes elimination of toxins. Done regularly, it is reported to break down fat deposits. $40

Swedana is the promotion of sweating for the purpose of releasing impurities from the system. A steam tent is used to warm and relax the body and open the pores. Meanwhile, your head remains cool as you receive a scalp and facial massage. $55

A dance of hands over the body, utilizing warm oils chosen specifically for each individual’s constitution. Abhyanga’s strokes are a graceful choreography of patterns, designed to deeply relax and remove blockages.
One therapist/Two therapists – $100/200

A therapist pours a stream of warm herb-infused oil onto the forehead, using subtle patterns to induce a state of deep peace. This divine treatment quiets the mind in a profound way. Shirodhara is aimed at eliminating the mental causes of disease . It is also said to awaken the intuition and improve vitality.
30 min. – $70
Add an hour Abhyanga or Swedish Massage – $85

The Full Bliss Immersion
All four major Ayurvedic bliss treatments. Relaxing, invigorating, rejuvenating, and cleansing: Shirodhara, Garshana, Abhyanga and Swedana.
One therapist/Two therapists – $225/300

Body Treatments

Our body polishes and salt glows are fabulous on their own, or they can be combined with a full body massage or Swedana steam immersion for a deeper therapeutic experience.

Chai Sugar Polish
Cane crystals exfoliate dead skin and open pores while our warming blend of fresh, coarsely ground black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise, pippali, ginger, fennel, and clove invigorates the circulation to assist in detoxification, fat metabolism, and pain relief. $60

Green Tea Salt Glow
Our blend of healing salts removes dead cells and debris, and opens pores to let skin glow. Green tea, rich in antioxidants, helps heal damaged skin while its astringent tannins restore elasticity. $60

Mother of Pearl & Pumice Polish
We crush our own pumice and shells to make this body polish. Ground pumice stone lends a scrub of medium coarseness while powdered mother of pearl offers a fine level of exfoliation. Together, these mineral-rich agents refine skin texture and support healthy cell renewal. $65

Full Body Massage

Our talented therapists employ a variety of massage techniques from around the world in order to optimally address each client’s needs.
All full body massages include a complimentary 30-minute sauna session. We suggest arriving early to take a sauna before your treatment.

Classic Massage

A relaxing, smooth massage with gliding strokes and rhythmic kneading that utilizes light to medium pressure. Ideal for stress relief.
60 minutes – $90
90 minutes – $120

Deep Tissue 
Penetrating massage aimed at releasing deep muscle spasms, relieving pain, and alleviating dysfunction with slow, even pressure.
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $130

Muscle Melt Massage 
Maximize relief from tension and pain with a combination of massage and our own herbal liniment. Our liniment is crafted from herb extracts and essential oils that alleviate pain and inflammation, increase circulation, and promote tissue repair. A fusion of Deep Tissue and Swedish massage allows for relaxation and penetration of the liniment, while also delivering focused attention to congested areas. Our liniment is also available for home use.
60 minutes – $107
90 minutes – $137

Specialty Massage

A dance of hands over the body, utilizing warm oils chosen specifically for each individual’s constitution. Abhyanga’s strokes are a graceful choreography of patterns, designed to deeply relax and remove blockages.
1 therapist/60 minutes – $100
2 therapists/60 minutes – $200

Aromatherapy Massage 

Choose from three therapeutic aromatherapy options. Each uses specific massage techniques to enhance the expression of the essential oils and includes an aromatherapy facial steam to amplify your experience.

Our blend of relaxing lavender, ylang ylang, and lime oils is formulated to tranquilize your nervous system, calm your muscles, and quiet your mind. Your therapist will apply these essential oils in long, slow gliding strokes that will transport you to a peaceful place.
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $130

Our combination of uplifting rosemary, basil, and peppermint essential oils will raise your spirits, awaken your senses, and invigorate your circulation. Your therapist will use brisk, percussive, and rocking techniques to rejuvenate your body and soul.
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $130

Our formula of sage, grapefruit, and black pepper detoxifying essential oils will be applied to enhance the cleansing process. Your therapist will employ a combination of Deep Tissue massage to awaken congested tissues and light, surface strokes to mobilize lymph and promote elimination of toxins.
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $130

Pregnancy Massage 
Expecting mothers have unique health challenges, and we love to give you the care you deserve – starting with a combination of cushions and bolsters to comfortably accommodate your fuller shape. Utilizing a variety of bodywork techniques, your therapist will help relieve thedifficulties of pregnancy, such as aches, swelling, stress, and fatigue. You’ll leave you feeling lighter and more at ease in your body.
60 minutes – $90
90 minutes – $120

Hot Stone Massage 
Smooth, round, heated basalt stones are used to work out knots and deliver penetrating warmth to tight and sore muscles. Stones are also placed on key points to stimulate energy flow. Asian medicine views pain as resulting from stagnation in the movement of blood and energy through the body. Heat encourages movement and helps these stagnant areas to open up. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic.
90 minutes – $145

Thai Massage 
This form of bodywork from Thailand features moderately deep rhythmic pressure. The therapist also puts the client into numerous passive stretches, often described as “having yoga done to you.” The extended treatment time allows for a very comprehensive massage. (Client remains in comfortable clothing.)
90 minutes – $145

Trigger Point 
The ultimate massage for a client in pain who appreciates deeper pressure and wants results. This style of massage hones in on shortened, irritable segments in muscles known as “myofascial trigger points” which cause complex pain patterns and tie up our energy. As these points are held to facilitate their release, muscles soften and lengthen, energy returns and pain dissipates.
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $130

Fijian Massage 
This wonderfully deep form of massage from Fiji is excellent for eliminating tension from the body. By using their skilled feet, the therapist is able to deliver more focused pressure and also to roll, squeeze, and stretch muscles. Ideal for larger clients or anyone looking for more pressure.
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $130

Couples Massage 
Perfect for two friends or a couple who like to enjoy the good things in life side by side. Performed in a private room with two tables and two therapists. Take your pick of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, or Muscle Melt Massage. (Price is the sum of the two individual massages.)

Sangha Room Treatments

Sangha is a Sanskrit word meaning a group of like-minded people who join together for mutual enlightenment. Our community space, the Sangha Room, is ideal for all who seek wellness and relaxation. Come alone or bring your friends, family, gatherings, showers, and meetings, to be nurtured and revitalized while enjoying each other’s company. Here we serve fine teas and give foot, hand, and head treatments as clients sink into our luxurious couches.
Add a spa lunch to enjoy in our Sangha room for $12.
Sangha Room clients may also use our saunas, showers and other facilities for an additional $10.


A pleasure that is as exquisite as it is simple.
All foot baths $26

Herbal Pain Relieving Foot Bath

Aromatherapy Foot Baths
Scents are able to slip past any mental processing and go straight to the brain, triggering memories, emotions, and profound physiological responses. Our baths use high quality essential oils to awaken the body’s healing mechanisms and lift the spirits.

Warm Milk Foot Bath
Discover why the cow is sacred in India… Hailed as the essence of motherly love, sweet whole milk and rich emollient buttermilk feed the feet and soften the skin. A lovely tactile experience.

Magnesium Foot Bath
This wondrous mineral is vital in energy production, muscle function, blood pressure regulation, bowel movement, bone building, heart health, and more. Magnesium can be both relaxing and energizing, and many women find it useful for PMS. Studies show magnesium can be effectively absorbed through the skin.

Healing Salt Foot Bath
Our salt bath, a hypersaline blend of Himalayan pink salt, Mediterranean sea salt, and Epsom salt, is rich a in wide range of essential minerals. These salts support detoxification, relieve soreness and pain, calm the nervous system, soften skin, and soothe rashes.

Honey Bath
Honey is full of energy: a pound of it equals the life work of approximately 300 bees! Indulge in our honey infused bath for a rejuvenating, soothing, anti-inflammatory, nutritious, antiseptic treat for the feet.


Knee-to-toe massage incorporating a variety of styles, including Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and Thai.
20 minutes $29
30 minutes $39
40 minutes $49

Pad Abhyanga
A 30 minute rhythmic Ayurvedic foot massage from India. This gentle and effective massage focuses on key energy centers or “marma points,” drawing energy down from the head into the feet. This revitalizes the feet while calming the mind. $42

Warm Paraffin Socks
A unique and delightful sensation. Feet are immersed in wax to penetrate and heat achy joints, improve circulation, and soften the skin. $15

Salt Scrub and Aromatherapy Bath
A blend of cold salts and aromatic oils awakens the circulation, exfoliates dead skin, decongests the head, and activates the immune system. Followed by an essential oil infused bath of your choice. $35

Garshana and Herbed Oil
A brisk massage with raw silk gloves removes dead skin and stimulates the immune system. Next, the feet are wrapped in herb-infused warm oil. $40

Chocolate Mud feet
A decadent treat for your feet. This chocolate mud pie is high in anti-oxidants, rich in nutrients, and is a luxurious tactile experience. Followed by a vanilla aromatherapy bath. $55


This region is a favorite storehouse for all our stresses. Let us lift your burden and melt your knotted muscles away.
20 minutes $29
30 minutes $39
40 minutes $49

Scalp Massage
Warm Ayurvedic oil is used to soothe the head, sedate the mind, and also nourish the scalp and hair. (Also available without oil). $45


Hand Massage
We are a hand oriented culture. It is through our hands that we touch the world. Whatever it is you do – typing, painting, sawing, sculpting – chances are your hands are over-worked and under-loved. We will attend to yours with the utmost care.
20 minutes $29
30 minutes $39
40 minutes $49

Paraffin Gloves
A warm wax immersion for the hands. Paraffin gloves provide penetrating heat that gets into the joints. Wakes up blood flow, eases arthritis, and deeply moisturizes. $15


Sangha is a Sanskrit word meaning a group of like-minded people who join together for mutual enlightenment. Our community space, the Sangha Room, is ideal for all who seek wellness and relaxation. Come alone or bring your friends, family, gatherings, showers, and meetings, to be nurtured and revitalized while enjoying each other’s company. Here we serve fine teas and give foot, hand, and head treatments as clients sink into our luxurious couches.
Add a spa lunch to enjoy in our Sangha room for $12
Sangha Room clients may also use our saunas and showers for an additional $10

Sweet & Simple *
A favorite combination: the foot bath of your choice (milk, honey, aromatherapy, pain relief, or salt) followed by a 20 minute foot massage. $50

Fresh Feet *
Start with an invigorating salt scrub. Next, move on to an aromatherapy foot bath of your choice. And finally, enjoy a 30 minute foot massage. $72

Detox and Replenish *
First “empty your cup” with a detoxifying salt foot bath. Next, rejuvenate with a 30 minute foot massage. And then “refill” with an enveloping paraffin dip. $75

Foot and Hand Harmony *
Begin with a 15 minute hand massage while you receive our tingly herbal pain relieving foot bath. Then enjoy a 30 minute foot massage with a simultaneous warm paraffin dip for the hands. $95

Double Delight *
For those who crave attention . . . An aromatherapy foot bath followed by a two-therapist massage of the head, neck, feet and calves for 30 minutes. $97

Sole and Scalp Surrender *
First relinquish that overworked head with an Ayurvedic warm oil (or no oil) scalp massage. Meanwhile, your toes will surrender to a honey foot bath. Next, a warm head wrap will be used to coax out any remaining tension while you receive a 25 minute foot massage. Includes use of sauna and shower. $100

Head to Heel Heaven *
Release your tension from head to toe. Start with a 30 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage while your feet soak in the foot bath of your choice (milk, honey, salt, aromatherapy, or pain relief). Then let your stress be drawn out of you with a 30 minute foot massage. $100

Atlas’s Vacation *
Feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? For a tense, tight, or painful neck and shoulders, we offer 30 minutes of focused deep tissue massage plus Muscle Melt – our own pain relieving herbal liniment. Next, this burdened region and the head it carries are coaxed into tranquility with a 30 minute acupuncture treatment. Meanwhile, a magnesium foot bath infuses you with a natural muscle relaxant while also serving as a “revulsive hydrotherapy” to draw your body’s attention away from your overburdened neck and shoulders. $112

Extremity Remedy *
A gift for hands, head, and feet. Start with a detoxifying and mineralizing salt foot bath while we care for your hands with a 20 minute massage. Next, we will unburden your soles with a 20 minute foot massage. After that, both your hands and feet will be immersed in warm paraffin. Conclude your treatment with a 20 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage. $135


We cater spa gatherings for special events and corporate packages. We can provide you with a group planner to help organize your event. Please call for details. We encourage you to select from our delicious spa lunch menu if you want to enjoy a meal while you are with us. You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks for your gathering for a nominal charge of $45. We request that your gathering respects the peaceful spa atmosphere for our other guests. Please note…a 15% gratuity will be added to parties of 8 or more.

Skin Care

Express your inner beauty with radiant skin. Our skin care treatments feature our three unique skin care lines: Epicuren, Livia, and Shankara. Epicuren is a luxurious and innovative line that offers scientifically advanced and natural ingredients for maximum results. Livia skin care utilizes the healing wisdom of traditional medicine through products made of organic and wildcrafted plants. Shankara uses the ancient Eastern science of Ayurveda to approach skin imbalances with the finest herbs and oils.

Treatment Key

This key will assist you in choosing the facial treatment that best suits your needs.

  • X – Extractions
  • ⇟ – Deep Exfoliation/Peel
  • Ō – Foot and/or Hand Massage

Classic Facials

Daydream Facial 
A refreshing half-hour treat for your complexion that also revives tired spirits. This condensed treatment wonderfully complements everything from a full body massage to a foot treatment. $50

Custom Facial – ŌX
Our experienced aestheticians know skin. They will discuss your concerns with you and evaluate your skin’s characteristics to develop a facial treatment best suited to your individual needs. They are also happy to explain their approach and make home care recommendations. You’ll experience your skin in a new and refreshed way.
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $130
*Enhance any custom facial by adding a peel (see Add-Ons below).

Dragontree Signature Facial – ŌX
Start the unwinding process with an essential oil foot soak. Then retreat to your candlelit room where your skin will be nourished and revitalized. This lavish facial provides two masks and extra massage to fortify your unique skin. You will leave feeling nurtured from your skin to your soul. $130

Classic Facial Add-Ons

Glycolic Peel $10
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel $8
Hot Enzyme Mask Peel $10
Eye Zone Treatment $15
Lip Toner Treatment $15

Specialty Facials

Epicuren Signature Lifting Facial – ⇟X
Get noticeable results you’ll love from our most popular and unique facial! This treatment includes a deep enzyme exfoliation followed by layers of firming and anti-aging masks with the purpose of improving the clarity, elasticity, and overall health of your skin. Not recommended for sensitive skin types.
60 minutes – $115
90 minutes – $165

Rejuvenating Facial – ŌX
A nutritive feast for mature, dry, or sun damaged skin. Gentle cleansing and deep exfoliation encourages cell turnover and lightens discolorations. Antioxidant serums and vitamin rich hydrating masks provide the nourishment that your skin craves, leaving you with skin that looks and feel fabulous. $110

No-Nonsense Men’s Treatment – X⇟
Stress, shaving, sun, wind, pollution, and poor diet can all contribute to aging and a dull complexion. Designed specifically for the man-on-the-go, this treatment gives skin a dose of vitamins and antioxidants needed to restore cell health and moisture levels. After a 45 minute straight-to-business facial, you’ll adjourn to the Sangha room to enjoy a local beer while your feet soak in our men’s aromatherapy bath with oils of cedar and lime. $100
*Please call front desk for monthly selection.

Pro-Biotic Clarifying Facial – X⇟
A deep cleansing treatment created to assist in balancing blemished or congested skin by reestablishing healthy flora and mildly exfoliating. Pure aloe vera and an acidophilus probiotic serum assist in healing, soothing, and hydrating to bring down inflammation and reveal fresh, clear skin. $110

Calm & Heal Facial – Ō
Wellness for your skin from the inside out! The Dragontree’s very unique Calm & Heal Facial looks at your skin from a holistic understand ing. Our emotions, diet, and lifestyle all contribute to the health of our skin. By using acupressure massage and energy balancing techniques our esthetics team can soothe your skin, relax your facial muscles and calm your mind so you can look and feel more radiant. $110

Ayurvedic Facial 
The ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda offers a holistic approach to radiant skin. Your treatment will be based on your Ayurvedic diagnosis, accounting also for seasonal factors and the condition of the skin. Your first facial will include a full analysis of your constitution, support in taking the steps towards true beauty and health, and skin therapy specific to your prakriti (constitution). Following visits will be based on initial findings and the evolving condition of your skin.
First treatment $130
Following treatments $100
Add a 30 minute Shirodhara (see our Ayurveda section) – $60

“Love one another: you’ll be happy and healthy. It’s as simple and difficult as that.”
~ Michael Leunig

Acupuncture Skin Care Packages

Facial Acupuncture, sometimes called an “acupuncture face-lift,” is an effective alternative to drugs, surgical procedures or botox injections. This sophisticated technique can erase or reduce creases, lift sagging tissue, lighten dark spots, clear acne, enhance definition of the jaw line, and brighten the complexion. These treatments also alleviate stress and often correct other health problems in the process.
Facial Acupuncture works best when performed once or twice a week over ten or more sessions. A customized skin care routine enhanced by regular facials with our aestheticians will greatly enhance your results. We also recommend the use of only high quality natural facial products and makeup, some of which are available here.

Restorative Package
Ten Facial Acupuncture sessions, plus a 60 minute Epicuren Signature Lifting Facial, where your esthetician will recommend a comprehensive anti-aging care program for your skin. $980

Super Restorative Package
Ten Facial Acupuncture sessions, ten Daydream Facials, and an oral herbal formula for ten weeks chosen for you by your acupuncturist. $1550

Follow-up Facial Acupuncture treatments – $100

Skin Clearing Package
For acne, rosacea, rashes, and blemishes. Five acupuncture & cupping sessions, five Probiotic Clarifying Facials, plus dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support healthy skin. With this package, we highly recommend a home skin care regimen and internal cleansing supplements as prescribed for you by your acupuncturist and aesthetician (not included in price). Please be aware that cupping causes temporary discoloration of the skin of the back. $850
Follow-up clearing acupuncture treatments $90

Waxing Services

The Dragontree uses Cirepil hard wax for the most sensitive areas and Cirepil Nacre Blanche wax on other areas to reduce any discomfort. After your wax service we use soothing botanical oils to calm skin and alleviate any irritation. Hair must be 1/4” in length (3 – 4 weeks of growth). We are not able to provide wax services for individuals on Accutane, Retin A or any other retinol product. For best results we recommend regular waxing every 4 – 6 weeks.
Eyebrows – $18 Half/Full Arm – $20/$40
Lip or Chin – $12 Half/Full Leg – $45/$55
Full Face – $40 Bikini – $40
Neckline – $20 Bikini & Full Leg – $85
Back – $55 Thong – $50
Chest – $45 Brazilian – $65
Underarm – $22 Fingers/Toes- $15/$15

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Our estheticians use plant-based dyes to naturally enhance your eyes without the fuss of makeup.
Eyebrows – $17 Eyelashes – $22
Brows and Lashes – $35

Makeup Services

Whether you need a little glow for a fun night on the town or simply want to have your foundation professionally color matched to your skin tone, the Dragontree has got you covered! We have an all-natural mineral makeup that blocks out harmful ultraviolet rays and actually nourishes your skin while you wear it! If you need a bit more instruction or would like us to walk you through a new look step by step, come in for a makeup lesson from one of our fabulous makeup artists.
Full makeup application – $40
Post-Treatment Touch-Up – $30
Makeup Lesson – $65

Spa Packages

These treatment packages feature complementary groups of therapies, and may include full body massage, facials, acupuncture, Ayurvedic treatments, body scrubs, steam immersion, the whole array of Sangha Room treatments, and more.
All spa packages include a complimentary 30-minute sauna session. We suggest arriving early to take a sauna before your treatment. You can read more about the individual therapies contained in each package by locating them elsewhere in the menu.
If you don’t find a combination that best suits your needs, feel free to combine services into your own personalized package. If you would like assistance, please call us. We are glad to help.
Add a spa lunch to any spa package. Choose from our menu of healthy and delicious options. $12

The Dragontree Massage *
You will begin with an aromatherapy foot bath, then retreat to your private massage room. Once there, you will be covered in hot fennel packs while you enjoy an aromatherapy steam treatment using essential oils chosen to relax and uplift you. A one hour full body Swedish massage follows, which finishes with a hot towel cleanse. $125

Moon Time Treatment *
The perfect combination for balance around the female hormonal cycle, your treatment will begin with a calming magnesium foot soak (many women with PMS are deficient in magnesium) plus our special blend of hormone-balancing essential oils. Next you’ll receive a gentle 20 minute reflexology foot massage concentrating on the female reproductive organ zones and relevant acupuncture meridians. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy soothing heat packs while sipping a Moon Cycle tea developed by our acupuncturist and herbalist, Dr. Borten. Then you will be escorted to a candlelit room for an aromatherapy steam treatment while your lower back is covered with warm and heavy fennel packs to soothe the pelvic region. Your treatment will conclude with a 60 minute warm oil Swedish massage focusing on your areas of discomfort. $155
If your menstrual cycle disrupts your complexion, we recommend adding an hour long customized organic facial. $95

Sneha *
The Sanskrit word for oil, sneha also means love. Experience our blissful Pad-Abhyanga foot massage after soaking your feet in a nourishing honey and coconut milk foot bath. Then enjoy a full body Abhyanga massage. It is believed that this traditional Ayurvedic oil massage has a similar effect to being saturated with love. Like the experience of love, Abhyanga tends to make one feel deeply stable, warm, and physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced. $155

Calm Clarity *
First your skin will welcome an infusion of nourishing oils through a relaxing Swedish massage. Then we will clear away the old by exfoliating dead cells and debris, opening the pores, invigorating the circulation, and repairing the skin with our Green Tea Salt Scrub. Finally, you’ll linger a bit longer in la-la land with a rich and emollient coconut milk foot bath. $170

Element Infusion *
Start with a refreshing and invigorating scrub of cold salts and aromatic plant oils on your legs and feet. Then immerse them in a warm aromatherapy foot bath. Next, your scalp will be deeply massaged for 10 minutes with warm oil. Finally, you’ll retreat to a private massage room for a 90 minute Deep Tissue massage. $175

Custom Package *
Embark on your journey in our Sangha room with your choice of foot bath: salt, milk, honey, pain relief, or aromatherapy. Then choose from one of our 20 minute massages: feet, hands, or neck & shoulders. Next, adjourn to a private treatment room for a 60 minute full body massage of your choice: Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Abhyanga. Finally, treat your complexion to a Daydream facial. $190

Relaxation Combination *
The “reset” button for jangled nerves, overwork, or a non-stop life. Begin with an aromatherapy foot bath that draws your attention out of your head and down to your feet. Then experience a stress-relieving acupuncture treatment. Finish with a soothing 60 minute Swedish massage. $195

Divine Embrace *
Begin with a sublime 60 minute Swedish massage. Then restore your skin’s shimmer with a Mother of Pearl and Pumice Body Polish. Finally, open your pores, detoxify, and let your tension melt with an aromatic Swedana treatment. While your body is immersed in a hot steam tent, your head remains cool as your scalp is massaged. You will escape into a haven of relaxation and emerge refreshed and with softer edges. $200

Hands, Feet, Head, Body *
You will begin by soaking your heroic feet in a warm honey bath. Meanwhile, your hands will be rewarded for all their service with a 15 minute hand massage. Then you’ll enjoy a two-therapist simultaneous foot and head massage for 20 minutes while your hands are wrapped in warm paraffin. Conclude with an hour-long full body Fijian or Swedish massage. $215

Shakti *
Start with a rich and emollient milk foot bath. Then retreat to a private massage room to continue your journey with an relaxing aromatherapy facial steam immersion while you lie covered in warm fennel packs to melt away your stress. Next, experience supreme bliss as one of our expert therapists gives you an hour long full body massage followed by a warm towel aromatherapy cleanse. Complete your treatment with a Custom Facial with one of our highly trained skin care specialists. $225

Radiance Renewal *
Sink your feet into an aromatherapy bath of your choice while savoring a 20 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage. Meanwhile your hands will absorb the moisturizing heat of an enveloping paraffin dip. Then restore your skin’s natural glow with a Green Tea Salt Scrub for your whole body. You’ll finish with a Custom Facial. $225

Sacred Journey *
First, you will melt as one of our skilled therapists massages your scalp with warm oil. Meanwhile, your feet will soak in a sweet and rejuvenating honey bath. Next, escape to a cozy room and let us ease your tension with an hour of Swedish massage. This is followed by a full body Chai Sugar Scrub with our own course-ground warming herbs. Finally, treat your complexion to a Custom Facial tailored to your skin’s needs. $300
Extend your massage to 90 minutes. $330

A Day out of Time *
Soak in a hot foot bath (your choice of honey, milk, salt, pain relief, or aromatherapy) while your hands are soothed in the penetrating warmth of melted paraffin. Continue with a 30 minute foot massage. Next, you’ll enjoy the immersion of chocolate mud feet while you dine on a tasty and nutritious spa lunch with tea service. Then escape to your private massage room for a one hour full body Swedish massage. Finally, conclude your journey with a Custom Facial. $330

Sweet Solace *
Start with an hour-and-a-half aromatherapy massage to thoroughly soothe every inch of your body. Then, gently re-emerge with a milk and honey foot bath. Meanwhile, your burdened head, neck and shoulders will receive the extra 30 minutes of massage they’ve been craving. Then take a break for a tasty spa lunch and tea. After your belly is as satisfied as your muscles, you’ll continue your treatment with an extended 75 minute customized facial with additional lip and eye care. Finally, nourish your hair and give your overworked brain a vacation with a warm rosemary oil scalp treatment. $375