Skin Care

Express your inner beauty with radiant skin. Our skin care treatments feature our three unique skin care lines: Epicuren, Livia, and Shankara. Epicuren is a luxurious and innovative line that offers scientifically advanced and natural ingredients for maximum results. Livia skin care utilizes the healing wisdom of traditional medicine through products made of organic and wildcrafted plants. Shankara uses the ancient Eastern science of Ayurveda to approach skin imbalances with the finest herbs and oils.

Treatment Key

This key will assist you in choosing the facial treatment that best suits your needs.

  • X – Extractions
  • ⇟ – Deep Exfoliation/Peel
  • Ō – Foot and/or Hand Massage

Classic Facials

Daydream Facial 

A refreshing half-hour treat for your complexion that also revives tired spirits. This condensed treatment wonderfully complements everything from a full body massage to a foot treatment. $55

Custom Facial – ŌX

Our experienced aestheticians know skin. They will discuss your concerns with you and evaluate your skin’s characteristics to develop a facial treatment best suited to your individual needs. They are also happy to explain their approach and make home care recommendations. You’ll experience your skin in a new and refreshed way.
60 minutes – $110
90 minutes – $142
*Enhance any custom facial by adding a peel (see Add-Ons below).

Dragontree Signature Facial – ŌX

Start the unwinding process with an essential oil foot soak. Then retreat to your candlelit room where your skin will be nourished and revitalized. This lavish facial provides two masks and extra massage to fortify your unique skin. You will leave feeling nurtured from your skin to your soul. $142

Classic Facial Add-Ons

Glycolic Peel $10
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel $10
Hot Enzyme Mask Peel $10
Eye Zone Treatment $15
Lip Toner Treatment $15

Specialty Facials

Epicuren Signature Lifting Facial – ⇟X

Get noticeable results you’ll love from our most popular and unique facial! This treatment includes a deep enzyme exfoliation followed by layers of firming and anti-aging masks with the purpose of improving the clarity, elasticity, and overall health of your skin. Not recommended for sensitive skin types.

60 minutes – $125
90 minutes – $180


The Dragontree Gemstone Facial – ŌX

We incorporate the latest in skincare technology and aromatherapy coupled with gemstones, which work on a moleculer level to balance and hydrate the skin.  This luxurious, energy balancing treatment also firms the skin, while nourishing your mind, body, and spirit for the ultimate experience.

*Gemstones positively affect water molecules in the skin, allowing it to more efficiently retain and lock in moisture.  This process continues days after the treatment.

*In addition to their ability to create molecular changes in the skin, Gemstones help to create balance in the body on an energetic level.

90 minutes – $170



Rejuvenating Facial – ŌX

A nutritive feast for mature, dry, or sun damaged skin. Gentle cleansing and deep exfoliation encourages cell turnover and lightens discolorations. Antioxidant serums and vitamin rich hydrating masks provide the nourishment that your skin craves, leaving you with skin that looks and feel fabulous. $120


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