Products of the Month

Product of the Month – January


This month we are featuring our Vitality Tonic!

Dump the slump and feel fantastic throughout the season! Our Vitality Tonic, otherwise known as our Winter Tonic, was created by Dr. Peter Borten to help you feel vibrant and healthy all winter long

This powerful tonic has a blend of 23 herbs that support healthy immunity, energy and circulation. Some of those herbs are:
  • Cordyceps mushroom– this mushroom is used to improve energy and vitality. Those with asthma can use this to improve lung capacity.
  • Ginseng – an herb that enhances humans ability to adapt to stressors of all kinds.
  • Millettia– this herb has an extensive history as a blood builder and circulation enhancer. It is used to build both red and white blood cell counts.
  • Morinda– this herb is considered to build Yang in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for such issues as aches and pains that are worse in cold weather, fatigue, and reproductive weakness.


Supplement of the Month – December

This month we are featuring our Weight Loss Tincture!

We all know that eating less and working out is highly recommended fo ideal weight and overall health. But sometimes the weight doesn’t fall away the way we hope it would, no matter how many crunches we do and salads we eat.

Our weight loss formula was created by Dr. Peter Borten, to support healthy weight and metabolism so that you shed the extra pounds and feel vibrant and healthy.This tincture has a blend of herbs that promote energy and blood circulation to keep new body fat from forming. It can rectify and strengthen digestive functions. It will enhance absorption of the nutrients of our food and break down fat!

Here are a few of the powerful ingredients in the Weight Loss Tincture:

  • Gynostemma– traditionally used in Asian medicine to strengthen digestion and build energy, it is now used to support cardiovascular health and to support healthy metabolism by lowering blood sugar.
  • Chinese hawthorn berry– used to optimize digestion of heavy foods and promote metabolism of fat.
  • Lotus leaf– traditionally used in Asian medicine to support weight loss.
  • White Atractylodes– a major herb used to strengthen digestive function while simultaneously promoting the elimination of residues of poorly digested food.

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