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Supplement of the Month

This month we are featuring our Headache Tincture!

This potent tincture includes a wide range of herbs that address pain in all parts of the head, including the sinuses, forehead, back of the head, ears, side of the head, and eyes. Why is it better than aspirin or Tylenol? Because, most over the counter painkillers have some degree of toxicity to the liver and/or kidneys, aspirin can cause gastric bleeding, and other drugs can cause grogginess. This formula, on the other hand, is safe for regular use and is just as effective.

Its powerful ingredients include:

  • Ligusticum Root– utilized to immprove circulation to the head for the alleviation of all forms of head pain.
  • Rosemary– this European herb has a long tradition of use in the treatment of headaches, and has been equally valued for promoting mental clarity; a naturally rich source of camphor, it’s now known to possess strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.
  • Vitex Berry– a valuable herb for the treatment of head pain, especially in and around the eyes.
  • Pueraria Root– this herb is used to relax the muscles of the neck, which are often implicated in headaches; especially good for pain of the back of the head.
  • Bupleurum Root– this herb is used in Chinese Medicine to alleviate tension, especially on the sides of the body, including the temples, ears, and sides of the head.

Product of the Month

This month we are featuring our Relax Massage Oil!

This oil has a soothing blend of lavendar, lime, and ylang ylang essential oils added, making it perfect for giving a relaxing massage. Our Dragontree massage oil is specially formulated by Ayurvedic Specialist Briana Borten, and the base oil of this Relax blend is safflower with vitamin E to promote healing of the skin.