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February Special

February Special

Start with a lavender chocolate foot soak and warm paraffin dip for your hands. Then indulge your senses with a full body chocolate sugar scrub and 45 minute Swedish massage followed by a chocolate daydream facial. $190

Our Valentines day special - Relax your feet together in a warm chocolate mint foot bath while enjoying a 20 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage. Then we will care for your feet with a 20 minute foot massage. Finally, retreat to a private massage room for a couples Swedish massage. $300 per couple

We also offer most of our full body combinations as couples treatments, or you can create your own.

Longevity, Part One

Peter Borten, L.Ac. - The Dragontree’s Acupuncturist & Herbalist

When it comes down to it, a great portion of our efforts are in some way motivated by a desire to keep living – to survive. To this end, a large chunk of most lives is spent in a stressful state, thinking constantly of the future and missing out on the richness of the present moment. None of our worrying makes life last any longer; it just serves as an unpleasant distraction. In effect, we can spoil our experience of life through our efforts to hold onto it. To remedy this conundrum, it is a worthwhile endeavor for each of us to inquire earnestly into how we perceive our lives – do we spend more time celebrating life or being burdened by it? – and consider the enormous impact a simple change of perspective can have. Then practice changing perspective – over and over and over. Meanwhile, do some of the many things known to improve longevity and quality of life.

Exercise: Everyone knows of the value of exercise. The human body is very responsive to physical activity or a lack thereof. Simply put, it’s "use it or lose it." I believe exercise which mobilizes every part of the body in every possible way is the best way to keep it in good shape. Yoga and dance are ideal for this. My first yoga teacher, Gurunam Kaur, used to say, "You are as young as you are flexible." Exercise which focuses on building core strength and controlling energy flow, such as Qigong and Taijiquan (Tai Chi) is also a valuable tool for promoting long life.

Dancing: In addition to other forms exercise, I feel there is a unique benefit to dancing. Dance is one of the most basic and primal forms of release. I’m talking about dancing like no one’s watching – putting on your favorite music and really letting loose with spontaneous movement. There is a particular exaltation we can achieve through dance, and I believe this is potent medicine.

Breathing: The quality of our breathing can have a profound effect on all aspects of our health. Deep, full breaths exercise the internal body, they send oxygen-rich blood to all our parts, they calm the mind, and they facilitate the release of emotion. What you’re breathing matters too: clean, fresh, unpolluted air can be powerful medicine. Beyond good old deep, unrestricted breathing, there are a few specific breath-centered arts which are even more potent at building vitality and release blockages. These include pranayama (a facet of yoga), Conscious Breathing (AKA "rebirthing"), and Holotropic Breathwork, to name a few.

Posture: The main detriments of poor posture are that it restricts our breathing and squashes our organs. Then there are the shoulder, back, neck, jaw, arm, hand and other structural problems it can lead to. The biggest cause of poor posture is sitting in a chair at a table or desk. Most of us start taking all our meals this way around age 3 or 4. We spend 6 or more hours a day doing through all our years in school. Then, if we have a desk job, we do it 8 or more hours a day until retirement. The body simply functions better when it’s held in an open and aligned fashion. Beyond all the physical benefits of good posture, most people just plain feel better when they pick themselves up.

Sleep: Americans epidemically overwork and under sleep. A sufficient amount of good quality sleep can prolong life. Insufficient sleep is associated with an increased incidence of obesity, which is a major risk factor for several conditions that shorten lives. Insufficient sleep is also a major risk factor for accidents. If we’re not well rested, we’re running on lower than optimal resources; thus, we have a reduced capacity to deal with stress, decreased immunity, and a decreased "buffer" between us and the world – all of which impact our health.

In upcoming newsletters, we’ll add to this list of life-extending practices. When we focus of extending life, it’s worth examining quality of life also. After all, what good is a long life if you’re not healthy enough psychologically and physically to enjoy it? Any steps we take to improve quality of life are worthwhile regardless of how much life we have left. I believe the recommendations above are useful not just for prolonging life but for improving the quality of our experience of it.


Peter and Everyone at the Dragontree and the Clearing


The Clearing Cafe

The Clearing Café: Serving superb food, coffee, tea and juices with nearly all organic and local ingredients!

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Featured local artist in February: Lucas Martin
Medium: Paintings and photos
Opening for art: Friday February 8th at 6 pm

Bring in this coupon and save 50 cents on a latte (limit one per customer, not combinable with other offers).

expires 3/1/08

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