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October Special

Melt away the day in our new sauna with a 30 minute sauna session before dipping your feet into a nourishing milk and honey foot soak. Then treat your face to some nourishment of it's own with a daydream 30 minute facial. Complete your journey of healing with an hour full body Swedish massage. 130

Bistro Candle Special

Now through October 15th when you enjoy a treatment for $125 or more you will receive a deliciously scented Bistro Candle as our gift to you.

What’s Happening at The Dragontree?

Expansion Party

Please come with your friends and family to celebrate with us on Thursday, October 5th from 6 - 9 There will be food, drink, entertainment, and education and we hope to see you!


DragonTree Spa


Living in Harmony With the Rain...
and introducing Our Saunas

by Peter Borten LAc, MAcOM

A basic yet profound concept in natural medicine is that of living in a conscious and harmonious relationship with one‚s environment. A teacher of mine once admonished our class of acupuncturists to, "Stop trying to learn this medicine by reading books!" What he meant was that there is so much to learn about life by becoming a keen observer of nature, and this kind of wisdom cannot be acquired anywhere else.

In our modern lives, the wildlife around us tends to become merely scenery which barely affects us. If we expand our awareness to include the outside world, we get a sense of our integration in a community much more vast than the human network ˆ one that includes the air, earth, water, and all the life around us. The dynamics in the natural world often parallel those in our lives. For instance, this is a time of transition: the world is letting go of summer, the trees are letting go of their leaves. If we tune into this cycle, we may become aware of some things it is time for us to let go of, too.

The quality of letting go which characterizes autumn is also a process of finding inner richness. While trees must drop their leaves, there is great beauty when this process occurs gracefully, both in the amazing colors of the leaves and the silhouettes of naked trees which remain. Before they fall, the sweet sap in these leaves travels down to be stored in the roots, and as the leaves decompose, the minerals inside them return to the earth to fortify it and feed the tree again. Likewise, we can learn to cling less and to find grace and ease in letting go when we recognize the lasting gifts we have collected along the way.

Living in harmony with the environment in Portland requires making adjustments for the rain. A damp environment contributes to accumulation of what Chinese medicine calls dampness and Ayurveda calls kapha and ama. These represent unhealthy, congested fluids and toxins, including phlegm, body fat, plaques, and yeast overgrowth, and they cause a wide range of symptoms such as stiff and swollen joints, fatigue, allergies, heaviness, aches, dizziness, and poor digestion.

To combat these conditions, get an umbrella, rain gear, and a scarf. Make sure your living space is dry and free of mold. Don‚t keep your mattress or futon directly on the floor. Eat warm foods, and avoid "dampening" foods. Dairy products, sweets, oily/greasy food, cold food, and large amounts of raw produce, juice, and smoothies tend to contribute to internal dampness, especially when the weather is cold and damp. A thick coating on the tongue is evidence of dampness / kapha / ama accumulation. Scraping it off daily with a dry towel or tongue scraper can help. Finally, a direct external intervention you can utilize is a dry sauna.

When planning our recent expansion of the spa, we chose to build saunas because they are an ideal therapeutic tool for counteracting the effects of Portland‚s chilly rain. These are lovely traditional Finnish saunas, made of cedar with slate floors. Saunas and related forms of heat therapy have been used worldwide for thousands of years for their many health benefits.

Saunas helps cleanse the body of toxins. They open and unclog the pores of the skin and support suppleness. The heat warms and relaxes muscles and

joints and is a great addition to massage. By raising the core body temperature, saunas assist the body, as a fever would, to overcome infections. Recent research has shown that saunas improve blood flow to the coronary arteries, and are beneficial for circulatory conditions.

Our new women‚s and men‚s saunas and showers open October 6th Come try them. Also join us for our Expansion Party, October 5th from 6-9 PM, when we will unveil these facilities, and celebrate the autumn with food, drinks, music, and door prizes. There will also be an informal Q and A session from 7 - 7:30 on holistic medicine. We look forward to seeing you there!