You’re Faking It

Previously I wrote about the many layers of the Self as explained in nondual Tantrik philosophy. Each of these layers – your body, your mind and feelings, your energy, your… Read More

Bondage and Discipline

Getting good at nearly anything requires a certain amount of discipline. At the very least, you need the discipline to practice it on a regular basis. You’d expect this for… Read More

Welcoming the Many Layers of YOU

Over the years, my therapeutic focus has shifted increasingly toward what I would call “expansion.” I continue to see patients for issues as apparently one-dimensional as a sore knee, but… Read More

Fuel For Your Fire

At this point I’m guessing that you’re aware that there are benefits of meditation . . . stress reduction, improved mental focus, happier, better sleep, etc. But are you doing… Read More

I Was So Angry

“You’re mad at me all the time for the most ridiculous things.” This is a line from a journal that I shared with a girlfriend of mine in middle school…. Read More

Rituals For Transformation

Today is the pre-release for our new book, called Rituals for Transformation, which we wrote over the past year. It feels a little daunting to put it out in the… Read More

Are You Free?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of freedom? My childhood understanding of freedom was a release from tyranny or slavery – that is, physical freedom…. Read More